Journal 6.2 Schedule for Final Week

Please forgive this placeholder post title meant to help sequence posts in the next season.
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The Dizzy Blog will re-start in earnest in the Spring. Spring topics will include:
-steps to recruit/prepare a team for the season
-developing skills for BEST (CAD, Programming, basic robot construction)
-suggestions for off season activities.

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Don't wait until the end of the school year (an already busy time) to hurriedly prepare for next season. Let us trickle tips and information to you over the semester. You'll be more prepared than ever for the 2014 season...and it won't dig deep into your busy schedule.

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Point your students to BotClub for offseason robot fun

Also, if you haven't considered BotClub, please take a look now. It is a great way for your core students to stay sharp in the off season. Students can participate individually or as a small group. BotClub is planned to meet once a month in Bryan and once a month in College Station. Please help spread the word. It is an informal experience, just working together with robots...No coach commitment is required!